BABY LOCK - "for the love of sewing"
The Baby Lock Sewing Machines, produced at Suzuki Machinery Co. Ltd factory in Japan, are famous worldwide for the premium build quality, the precision hand tunning that goes into construction each machine, the excelent performance they offer and the Japanese passion and spirit that goes into building these very special machines

TodayBaby Lock is famous worldwide for their top quality machines, designed and produced in Japan, as well as for their technological advancements throught patented sistems “Jet-Air” and “ExtraordinAir THREADING”.

Over 50 years Baby Lock has dedicated itself to producing the most performing home use sewing machines, capable of offering to most enjoyable user experience through the integration of modern technologies, innovative design and unrivaled quality of components.
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Baby Lock offers their customers the most advanced portable overlock and coverstitch machines in the world, at the highest Japanese standard of quality.
To complement your Baby Lock there are many optional accesories that offer the user virtually unlimited creative capabilites.

Whether we are talking about overlock stitches or coverstitches, Baby Lock offers a wide range of sewing machines especially created for this purpose. The vast experience in the sewing industry is a guarantee of the quality and the reliability of the machines. The technologies present in each product are unique in the field of home use sewing and they aim to help the user achieve a more pleasant experience and an incredible variation of stiches.
When it comes to creativity options, for Baby Lock impossible is nothing. Your design options are limitless because of the stitch variety offered by the sewing machines, transforming you sewing projects into real works of art.
Nothing can match the sense of accomplishment and pride when you create special articles, even more when you gift them to your loved ones. With the Baby Lock machines you can create novelty decorative stitches that will put the uniqueness in your every product. Futhermore the Baby Lock technologies will make sure that each stitch you sew will be as perfect as the one before.